Life gets a lot better when you decide not to care about anything, not anyone (I.e.
There are people who feel sorry for them. Others give wings(I.e.(I.e.
I’m a good girl but I wanna be bad for you 
I wanna be dark, The light skin life ain’t for me
I wanna be last yeah babe let me be your,let me be your last first kiss.
I wanna be happy, i need a blunt.
♡̋”I wanna be your No. 1
I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad.
I wanna be like these emojis everyday 珞螺  
Summer wya I wanna be on the beach.
I wanna be the one you lean on when times get hard.
I wanna be a vegan.
I wanna be a little girl with a big gun.
I wanna be yo cuddy buddy, not yo girlfriend.
I wanna be your Friday night.
I wanna be as cool as ice cube when I grow up.
I wanna be a fashion designer
Damnnnnn, I wanna cuddle. I wanna be boo’d up.
Where you are is where I wanna be, next to you and you next to me.
i wanna be someone’s first priority.
“I don’t want to just die a normal death, I wanna be killed twice.”
 I’m too high I wanna be under my girl 
I wanna be the kinda man that she sees in her dreams
I wanna be the perfect boy for you!
I wanna be laid up w my boo.
i wanna be a virgin pure a twenty one century whore.
I wanna be the best wife in the whole wide world just for him. 
I wanna be spoiled like i spoil others.
Won’t stop till I get where I wanna be. And then I’ll keep going. 
I wanna be back by your side 


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