1. I keep it real even when I’m not fucking with you.
  2. You single cause a good man isn’t your type
  3. I like when money makes a difference but don’t make you different
  4. Confident girls don’t hate on other girls.”
  5. Over thinking is gonna kill all your happiness.
  6. Keep that attitude, I love that shit.
  7. Get high and plan vacations with me.
  8. I’m tryin to be not sober with you.
  9. Come and see me.
  10. Stay on point and keep everything sharp.
  11. When real people support each other incredible shit happens.
  12. Let whoever think whatever, just keep doing your thing.
  13. I’m not a hint taker. You need to speak up.
  14. Never apologize for keepin it real.
  15. If you’re not consistent you’re not for me.
  16. I sleep good at night knowing I curved you.
  17. Be your own big homie.
  18. Keep our business lowkey.
  19. I know I ain’t doing what I’m suppose to do but fuck it I’m a do it again.
  20. Time is flying by too fast for me to slow down for you.
  21. Gotta be picky on who you share your free time with.
  22. People get so upset when you won’t let them come up off you.
  23. You never gotta lie to me, I’m not even the type to care.
  24. Before you point fingers make sure your hands are clean.
  25. It’s okay if you want to act up on me but you better make sure you never need me again.
  26. After sex I like whispering freaky stuff in her ear like “Go home”.
  27. How am I suppose to know how you feel if you don’t tell me.
  28. Live in relationship is just a hotter cousin of marriage.
  29.  With age, I have found that lust is the purest form of emotion.
  30. If you’ve crush on someone, never talk to them, keep it alive.


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