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  1. Jam Bread पर अच्छा लगता है Road पर नही
  2. All the people less than 32 yrs, are kids. Coz, <32 bachcha hai ji.
  3. Most of my decisions in life are totally fucked up.
  4. Customer sota hua sher hai late mat kar warna bhaag jayega..😂😂
  5. A relationship starts with chemistry and ends with accounting.
  6. Let's talk about rights and lefts .You are right ,so I left. ..! 😒
  7. Pay attention to me,when I'm ignoring you ~Women
  8. A woman is always right, even when she gives the left indicator... she will turn right.
  9. A real man knows when to call a woman sexy and when to tell her that she is beautiful.
  10. Jab face hi aisa hai toh photoshop bhi kya kare.
  11. My life is a joke coz I still don't get it 😒
  12. Never put your head down for anyone, not raise the nose too high. Eye to eye is enough.
  13. "I'm not like other girls."- every girl !
  14. Last night, met a girl in dream. She is imagiनारी for me.
  15. Instead of a Selfie, you should take a someone elsie.
  16. Ret ne paani ko khudme cement liya.
  17. Loyalty is about people who stay true to you....behind your back!😎
  18. Women want men to text first, but they don't want the man who texts first.
  19. Bimar bachchi ke dimag ka dahi karte hai log 😭
  20. Witnessing someone taking a selfie is one of the funniest things u can see
  21. I wont treat you like a pizza if you treat me like laukey ki sabzi.
  22. Hum Bajrangi kya hue , tumne toh bhaijaan bana diya.
  23. Fоrget the pаst, plan for the future, and enjoy the mоmеnt.
  24. Let's be morally corrupt together, forever !!
  25. Kya aapke toothpaste me sambhar masala hai?? :-P
Here are some great assorted short status for whatsap with funny and love mix-up. Hope you guys will love it and share it with your friends.
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