Makeup is seriously an art form.
I have a resting bitch face but I promise I’m nice!
Age doesn’t define maturity.
Mad for no reason!
No more selfies for a while 
Baby I want you.
Throwin’ shade at me won’t make you shine ma.
All I need is consistent love.
I wanna be where you are.
My boy is so attractive.. Well to me 
My shorts aren’t short. My legs are just long ❤️
Even if we’re married for 25 years, I still want you to flirt with me.
I could chill at my boyfriends house & he can spend $0 on me & i would be happy asf. yall bitches crazy.
Don’t ever lie to me to protect my feelings.
I hate being reminded of shit I dont wanna remember.
Jeans, leggings, and t-shirts are 90% of my wardrobe.
Hate when girls stay caught up about their exs, MOVE ON 
Text back. tryna make you fall in love with me.
I just want a back rub and my hair played with.
A goofy relationship is so much better than a “lovey-dovey” relationship.
People who act dumb to look cute are so annoying.
Date someone who gives you chills just by the way they look into your eyes.
Your girlfriend should be your queen & your homie.
Just want a cute boyfriend, with good intentions,who shows me off & puts up with my attitude.


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