I am always, in every corner of the infinite,
living by
having you in me, here, 
there, always you I carry in my beat, 
always I am for


You are like the moon….. 
When everything is dark and lonely… 
That’s when you shine the most……


We live in a world upside down, where the good has to go to
the psychologist to learn to cope with the things that makes the bad…
A rainbow is a promise of…. sunshine after rain calm after
storms joy after sadness And love after loss.

Instead Of Saying 
‘This is what u said’ 
Just say
 ‘This is
what I understood’ 
It avoids 
Many Misunderstandings 
Fights in

As love grows in you,beauty grows too. For…love is the beauty of the soul.


Every night In my Dreams I see you With beauty of An unseen

That give me An immense Pleasure & Happiness in my Day & night
You are…

My favorite place, 
between the eyes, 
between rib and rib, 
the Middle, 

in the middle of your heart…

Again at night, black night, starless, moonless, without you.
Anyway……happy rest and don’t forget to breathe


Feel erase distances…. Feel kisses with verses…. Feel hugs with
poems….. Feel love with my lyrics…… feel you…

An ocean away I stand on the shore……
Waiting for your boat to

There are days that I like to get away, not to respond, not to talk and this is nothing personal. It’s just my warped way of living…


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought
and the
thought has found words…..

His love letters smile 
I read them thrice, 
repeatedly My
breathing is lost …


True love is like… 
You don’t know how…. 
You don’t know
But it just happens…………


A rainbow is a promise of…. sunshine after rain calm after
storms joy after sadness And love after loss.


You can cut my heart into thousand of pieces but you can
never remove yourself from my soul, you been loved by my soul!

Silencing the enemy within me…
As I return from the brink….
Seeking your words, Bringing my heart. 
Ashes fall, 
my eyes are open…

I love you in silence yet it echoes so loudly
Wishing to 
drown this but I love you profoundly….

I always wanted to draw you, and then you disappeared like a
shadow on the solstice noon, 
without a trace….
U’re away but I can feel your body next to me 
U’re not here but your
voice echoes inside my head 
Oceans separates us 
but waves of Our love make me calm…
If you take your life I take mine too, 
Because a life here on
earth isn’t worth losing you….
Those mesmerizing beautiful eyes
 Hold all the mysteries in
which I reside 
Blink away you may, 
shying away lest you catch me staring at you..