Tongue Twister | Simple Tongue Twisters in English

Hello Everyone ! Welcome to . As regulary we keep updating our latest posts about fun, love, whatsapp status , images, entertainment to share with your friends and family. Here with today we are posting some interesting quick tongue twisters.


  1. zindagi ne zindagi bhar gum diye- Dentist !.
  2. How to tell CDs to Die: - Mercedes!
  3. Once my brother's daughter changed her DP - It was Niece Dp
  4. Ladki ka ek Pout. Aur Ladka Out
  5. Yeh feelings veelings sab China ka maal hai.
  6. Lisa ray broke up with a doctor. Now people call him X-ray.
  7. One of my mom's sisters stays very far off. I call her Pharmacy.
  8. Bipasha's WhatsApp does not have a 'last seen' feature
  9. I'm a social vegetarian. I avoid meet
  10. Branded clothes, Cheap Soul.

  11. Lolita is Choti behen of Roflita.
  12. Jab tak hai jaw - a shark
  13. Divided by break ups United by flirts
  14. Medical Representatives are like updates for doctors.
  15. Sonakshi Sinha need instaKG to upload her pictures.
  16. Going to name my daughter Mohenjodaro. I'll be Harappa.
  17. Mehnat saari masalo ne ki or saari taarif akela Chole Bhature.
  18. I couldn't afford a Volkswagen car. Thus, auto.
  19. Hazaaron photos aisi, ki har photo mein bum nikle. ~ Kim Kardashian!
  20. Who is mother of All snakes? A.Nagma
  21. Please enjoy ipl matches, fixed toh aapki shaadi bhi thi.
  22. A grasshopper is nothing but a mosquito turned Hulk.

  23. I was playing badminton. Then i joined coaching classes. Now i play goodminton.
  24. Crying is women's way of winning by duckworth lewis method.
  25. Jo log waqt ki kadar nahi karte , un samay baat nai karta.
  26. Sachin is God. Dhoni is religion. Kohli is the messenger.
  27. Time flies when you're throwing a clock.
  28. "Roshni ka dusra naam Surya" Ad hai ya Transgender.
  29. Save relationships not pictures.
  30. Usko ghar se nikaalne ke baad wo beggar ho gaya.
  31. L O \ - dhai akshar prem ke.
  32. An infected Rasgulla can be called VirusGulla.
  33. Maine to usse 'Pain relief Spray' dene ki bahut kosish ki lekin Volini.

  34. If u drink poison, u'll die. Ye to zeher si baat hai.
  35. Everyone is a slave to dessert: Sab ka Malik cake hain !!
  36. Hey Ganesha , zaraa peeche modak ke dekho mai kya laaya hu.
  37. Made a meme in which people were blaming each other. Named it, Tu Tu meme.
  38. "Sulabh shauchalaya" is the real "do number ka dhandha"
  39. tennu joota kinne pehnaya, boot nike..

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