Hello Everyone ! Having great fun with our Creations ?? Hope yes !!
Today we are sharing some mix crispy and tangy status for your whatsapp.. Check these feeling in love status, true love status, status love in English.


  • Love knows no religion, but your girls’ dad does.

  • I love me some gucci nails. !!

  • If Gucci mane don’t love me I’m giving up on life.. 

  • First love brands us, sears the memories, owns us.. your branded
    my heart you own me, always.


  • No matter how busy both of us,we are always going to have
    plenty of time for each other. I know you busy. Don’t worry & be happy!


  • That struggle with your own eyes when you have to remain
    awake till late nights and you are bound to wake up early.

  • Once my brother’s daughter changed her DP – It was Niece Dp
  • The more you need security, the more you become insecure.

  • My Autocorrect is soo indian that it tries to correct hehe
    to ghee.
  • Hey Google map, Do you have directions of my life ?
  • When I reach home, I do the dishes, cook food, wash clothes
    and mop the floor.. I am a “Self-MAID” man.
  • Front camera is the second most used product among girls,
    first one is a guy in love.
  • Lucky couples get married to each other, luckier couples get
    married to others
  • Sophistication is – richer you get, more simpler you become.
  • Only religion I believe in, “I don’t care about your
    religion, I’d love if you too don’t care about it”
  • Some people don’t talk, they just flaunt !!
  • You’re so beautiful that even random Mobile apps want to
    access pics in my phone.
  • Special recharge to increase call ring time, 30s is very
    less time to go frm thinking of ignoring call to fake excitement while
    receiving it
  • Start up ideas are the new boyfriend, girlfriend for
    youngsters, either they already have it or trying to get one.
  • Women have an inbuilt lie detector. But it doesn’t work when
    you are praising them.
  • WhatsApp has end to end encryption, it means now it will be
    more difficult to decode ‘do whatever you want to do’ from girlfriend
  • Love at first sight is temporary, love at last sight is
  • Flipkart is selling hottest deal on coolest price, avoid
    having hot and cool together, Sardi ho jayegi.
  • Respect parents, even if you’re their first child, they
    never call you a trial version
  • A woman’s biggest turn off is when a man understands her.
  • If a man could give his woman one gift in life, it would be
    the ability to see herself through his eyes.
  • The most important thing in life is to be happy. The second
    most important thing to realize what makes you happy.
  • Talking to yourself for sometime to clear your head will
    make you uncover many hidden things about you.
  • I don’t trust anyone because trusting someone could make me
    not trust myself if they broke that trust even once.
  • Money buys happiness, but in that case you will always
    remain poor because greed for happiness exceeds your earning ability.
  • I know she can never be mine, but when i try to flirt with
    someone else..i feel like i am cheating on her!
  • If you’re knowledgeable, add to the knowledge of another,
    don’t debate them just to show off
  • Dip your lips in whiskey and bring them to me.
  • A father’s underestimation is a bigger motivation than the
    overestimation of mother.
  • A woman being pretty is something, a man finding her pretty
    is another thing.
  • Social Networks were a good place before they turned into a
    profession for many.



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