Hello friends ! Here with we are sharing some love status for whatsapp. In this post today we are coming with some really interesting and deep feeling with lowkey attitude. Enjoy and do share with your friends and family.

Touch a soul and forever be remembered

Don’t be her one night.. Be her every night.

She made an art out of my broken.

Her eyes are sharp enough to pierce through my soul.
Sometimes your outsides get worn a little too thin.

Thank you for taking that walk and reminding me what I’m made of.

Her lips never went out of style.

I know, I know. I make it hard to let go.

Perfection is you with me, any time any place.

I can tell a lot a person by what they choose to see in me.

Her heart is a forest of vintage trees.

You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know what you didn’t know.

Of course I don’t understand you. You say one thing and do another.

Let me kiss the unsaid words stuck in your soul.

She asked for words that touch her, where do I begin?

She isn’t temporary. She is forever.

I’m never going to get in shape because of food.

Imperfections are sexy as Fuck. Simple !!

Oh, don’t mind me; I’m only here to sexually harass you.

I’m tired of being responsible I just want to be happy and have fun.

I’m not being creepy, I’ve been creepy, you just noticed.

Feelings are like magicians the way they play their tricks.

Why would I keep my hands to myself.

     Rainy evenings and the need to hear her moan.

Healthy people make me sick.

That feeling when you do something you promise yourself you won’t do.

Just trynna keep it low. Keep em all on a need to know.

My words are just her smiles stuck within my memory.

Leading someone on is probably one of the worst things you can do.

Your eyes take me to places I always wish to be.

If you didn’t know, now you know, ninja.

Never take for granted those who are insane enough to love all your

When someone is all you could want there’s no reason to look any

Fuck her until her body hurts but her heart doesn’t anymore.

Waiting for you is the only measure of time I know about.

Please step aside. I have an empire to build.

Don’t be afraid to live in the unknown. Sometimes the questions are
better than the answers.

Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful

I think I’ll leave my heart open tonight just to see what happens.

I don’t need you to get rid of my insecurities. I need you to get rid of
my clothes.

Let me be me, love me as I am and you will get my loyalty and love.

Some words are very dangerous. Use them wisely.

Rather than being the man I thought you were you decided to be the man
everyone warned me about.

At times we fall apart to see who’s brave enough to stay and pick up the

I put up so many walls, you’ll think you’re knocking one down as I put
another one up.

A swear jar, but for your empty promises.

I wanna be your always… Not sometimes.

I take my anti anxiety meds with ice cream.

I can lick you better… C’mere!

I wish I could say all the words that’d make you mine.

You are my incredible gift, My heart smiles…

Oh silly guy, you may think you know her, but there’s plenty left to

Be the reason her gyno asks if she’s been using it as a bottle opener.

I like how lovey and sexual our text messages are, but I LOVE how lovey
and sexual we are in real life everyday.

Even the strongest of women get weak in the knees when you call her your
good girl.

Try something different it’ll be good for you.

Make every uncomfortable situation fun by carrying around bubble wrap in
your pocket.

I want to give my trust and not have to take that back.

My brain and my heart have the most dysfunctional relationship.

If you were a good person it wouldn’t be questionable. Simple as that !!

I hate when I get DMs on Instagram more than anything else.

I’ve considered hiring a hit man. But you’re not worth it.

I don’t know where my sock went but at least I’m here.

Passionate people are people you want to spend time with.

Get rid of the bad seeds before they start sprouting.

Do you still hear my heartbeats calling your name.

Be the reason why she doesn’t reply to any of her DM’s.

She is the image of how he imagines perfection to be.

Say what you have to say, they’ll judge you regardless.

Let’s smoke the pot, and then do the sex.

Do you want my attention or my affection.

Find the one you wanna hold on to with both hands.

Unless you’re playing for keeps, I’m not playing.

Touch a soul and forever be remembered.

I’m afraid my train of thought has left the station.

Washing away my walls one tear at a time.

I could not write love without thinking about you.

You’re the only one I use that emoji with.

We do a lot of staring at each other.. & that’s ok.

Sexy you.. in your see through heart.

She is the playlist he will always listen to.

Whatever the opposite of risen is, I’m that.

Don’t make people your hobbies Ever.

You smile… I smile… That’s how it works.

I don’t want your love. I have my own.

Don’t buy me gifts, give me your time.

Her eyes can’t pretend like her smiles.

You are the drug, my veins ache for.

She’s a galaxy of petals and blooms.

You love me in all the right spots.

Let’s make art out of each other.

Don’t let those sexy lips fool you.

Sometimes you have to take risks.

Your eyes set my insides on fire.

I like you. Stay away from me.

No one destroys me like I do..

Grief is the price we pay for love..

I can still taste you on my lips.

I don’t know how to not try.

Life is better with glossy lips.

Fingerprints left all over me.