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We fight against the things we hate.
We fight for the things we love.
How people feel about the change matters.


  1. I want me covered in
    everything you.
  2. I want to ride your
    untamed wilderness.
  3. We don’t make sense we are
  4. Lay your head on my chest
    and we will talk about everything.

  5. Bite your lip for me baby.
  6. Just want her to be my
    original sin.
  7. Sometimes my life feels
    like an elaborate virtual reality.
  8. She is love and she loves me.
  9. I want to hold your hand in the rain like a sacred ritual.
  10. If I could snap my fingers and create a new world it would be with you.
  11. She feels me holding her tight when all else is unraveling.
  12. She keeps seeing the ridiculous in me and she loves that too.
  13. I loved you at your darkest and other words from the bible.
  14. I want to strip the words from the center of your thighs.
  15. I didn’t realize it until I met you but I sleep better when I’m loved.
  16. She keeps trying to get rid of me but every time she ends up falling in.
  17. There’s an ocean inside me and she wants to be in it.
  18. I want to explore boundaries until we become a universe.
  19. My eyes full of gravity, and darkness spilling like a waterfall.
  20. Sundays spent watching strands of sin softly form from the tip of my touch on the top of your skin.
  21. I can be more exhausting than you !
  22. She purrs on my chest the satisfaction of the well-fed and the well-loved.
  23. I flirt ,I love ,I want .I am unruly , wild ,uncontrolled . I have felt , I feel, I feel so damn much – most of all I feel I belong with you.
  24. I’m jealous of everything that touches you that’s not me!!
  25. She’s becoming the last thing on my mind every moment.
  26. I’m lost but fortunately it’s in her.
  27. I do not fear death I fear having never lived !!
  28. I want to fill her mouth with my pretty words and watch her swallow them.
  29. I’m not that strong or courageous but you make me want to be.
  30. There is sky in her eyes and ocean between her thighs she’s a world of wonder.
  31. Wrap yourself around me until we become vine and branches intertwined.
  32. I’ll keep loving you if you keep looking at me like that.
  33. Show me the love you know, until i’m so fluent, i can teach it to others without using your hands.
  34. Of all the ways I’ve been loved , your love is my favorite !!
  35. Lost my mind found my heart !!
  36. Hold my hand until you cum !! 😉
  37. I want to give the love I never received !!
  38. Distance doesn’t separate, only lack of love !! :((
  39. I want to lie in a field with you and make silly wishes on dandelions and dream big things on stars.
  40. Of all the wonderful things , we are the most wonderful !!
  41. Everything I say sounds like your name !!
  42. I’m so lonely for your skin and your voice in my ear and your breath on my neck…
  43. I feel like salt air and ocean water and music.. 😉
  44. We love the same way we need to be loved !!!
  45. There is a girl at this party, she’s wearing my pulse !!


  46. Just want to be your whatever happens.
  47. Every word, every sigh, every touch we share is an uncensored I love you !
  48. It breaks my heart how well the misunderstood understands others. !!
  49. I want to be a vampire right now and make you into what I am !!
  50. I wanna be wherever you are !!

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