Hello friends ! Hope you guys having great weekend ! Here today we are sharing some interesting one liners for you all to share on whatsapp or to make your whatsapp status. These are mixture of funny one liners on love, love one liners and much more about one liners. Enjoy !


Tell the truth, or eventually someone will tell it for you

If someone hates you for no reason, you may as well give them a good reason



With great power, comes great difficulty in factorizing polynomials !


If there is a bill, there is no Bae !!


A wise man once refused to create account on social media. !


Me versus Me has always been my biggest fight.


Looks like abd and trophies swept each other left on tinder


No one force you to update your app than Clash of Clan do


Marwaris are original friends with benefits.

Africans ko galat nigga se mat dekha karo.


Relatives are the original matrimonial websites.


 Most of my friends are like dirt. They got settled.


Girls are never single, woh toh washroom bhi do ko sath le ke jaati hai.



Lucky couples get married to each other, luckier couples get married to others!


People never hate or love you for what you’re, they do it for what they think you’re.


Just got 100% off on Myntra by uninstalling the app.


Sophistication is – richer you get, more simpler you become.


Some people don’t talk, they just flaunt !!




What I envy in men is their ability to hide emotions so well.


Women have an inbuilt lie detector. But it doesn’t work when you are praising them.


These days, I visit Facebook only to untag myself from pictures.


Many love stories end on ‘I’ll love you forever’.


I argue with someone only when I’m not much confident about my logic, else I ignore.


Life teaches us so much that death is the only way to pay its fees for lifetime.


Love at first sight is temporary, love at last sight is permanent.


End to end encryption on whatsapp. Now, i can discuss my salary with others.


Alcohol is for kids, real men drink Benadryl cough syrup for getting high.


Some parents can do anything for their kids, even see their dreams for them


Respect parents, even if you’re their first child, they never call you a trial version!


Women, they speak twice before thinking.


Oxford dictionary to replace Luck word with Simmons.


Default status of every home delivery order: “Sir, ladka nikal chuka hai”


Adulthood is nothing but a process to kill your hobbies for saving and earning for your future


Spoons were invented so that we can use our smartphone while having meals


You’re so beautiful that even random Mobile apps want to access pics in my phone.


The most confused kids are those who pray to God before their science exam


Only religion I believe in, “I don’t care about your religion, I’d love if you too don’t care about it”


An unsatisfied person at work is the first investment of a startup.


Life is just a long chain of charging the smartphone battery to full and making it empty.


A girl unfollwed me wen i replied “nice one” to her tweet.I guess i should have said “nice two”.


Pen drives and lighters are the new socks and handkerchiefs; once gone, they’ll never come back.


 If you don’t have friends, just tell a woman that you love her and she says that we’re just friends.


Don’t underestimate the power of a ‘comma’ specially when you have to scan over a thousand lines to find that error.


Pop ups are relatives of Internet world, always come to irritate without any invitation



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