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A collection of passionate poems, sensual love poems for Him or Her. All poems are dip in romance and desire for the one you love. All our words are tried to wrap around the feeling of love and sensuality. Our collection is best for short poems for her , short poems for him , poems for him about love, nice love poems for her , cute poems for him.  Enjoy ! 


 My own words
Ask me
Are you fine?
I smile & tell
Answer for this
Is lost in words

I would reach
for you
before sunrise ..
in the morning
as I woke
wanting to lift
your heart ..
to have it
fly free

When I look
in your mirror
I see the reflection
of my soul

No poetry inked..
No proses framed..
Justify even close..
Her beauty..
Her grace..
She is one such princess..
Words fail to praise !!

Together we’ll walk
through the labyrinth
of storms & smiles
the art of letting life,
take it’s own course
and just love

It’s a special
sadness that lives
in the corner
of your smile.
I coax it out of you
as we share
our real stories
for a while.

Standing in the cold wind,
Let me hold,
all your broken pieces
As we drift away
under the pale moonlight
into a new day

A cabinet of curiosities
A myriad of macabre
A jewelry box of devilish sort
To conjure demons
And monstrosities

I’m no fire
I’m but a spark rising to char
an empty cup in a
thorn nest-
I’m but a Red Bird
clipped by your barb wire

Everything becomes art.
Pain becomes poetry
Poetry turns flower
That turn love for someone

Love is embracing their flaws
adoring them despite
the total mess they are
and still wonder to yourself
how did you get
so fucking lucky

Tell me
Did the morning
Shake you awake
Thunderous clouds
pillow soft dreams
Remembering this day
Planned your way

Smiles and roses..
Accumulate with me..
Since the day ..
She started..
Planting her own !!

All I have
Is enough
Yet I’d risk
My small life
For U
To have
Some peace
For U suffer
I’d die
If to save U

Place Your Feelings Naked
Close by ur Eyes &
Sightseeing Urselves
Using Lanterns
Complete of
Vicious Morality….

Step into morning
As darkness whispers
To the night
We risk the heat
Of a burning sun
We chill with stars
But we die
By moonlight

To be always near
Doesn’t necessarily
Mean close
Some people visible in eyes
Cannot even see the
Water that appears in them

Just like the birds
Seek the branches
our words
Seek the arms
of each other
A pathway

Those lips,
were a tragic goodbye but
I’d gladly break my heart a million times
just to taste the depth behind those
lust filled eyes.

Why is it when I think of you
My mind plays tricks on me
And I only see love and happy times
Then a tear falls
And I remember
You’re gone

“I do not miss you,
 I miss the ‘’me’’
 You went away with.”

On a gloomy day,
I left you away
No words to say
I hold my head high
To hide the mess you made…

the tangible page
I can feel & taste
The catalyst
to the spilled ink
in my heart
The prologue & afterword
of my existence

I am still hopeful
after the rain
a rainbow will appear
to lead
me to pot of love
and happiness

Like a caterpillar
from a chrysalis
she emerged a
beautiful butterfly
through her words…

We begin as water,
and spend the rest of our days searching for that sway,
that rocking we only find in buoyant dreams of motion.

When you bécome
The fire itself..
Then You not scared
Everyday you See
Stardust glimmer
You burn still there’s
Fragrance ..

Begin the new day
quietly and serenely
with a smile
And never look back
on things or people
we cannot change

He washes dirt
from her feet
a ceremony
of patience and love
in hopes that she
will one day
walk with him
far and wide
never looking back

Dont be enticed
By My words
Ï am Just sailing
Paper boats
Knowing They
Would be lost
Writing Is Journey home
For me to nowhere…

When lended my love to you
time stopped between now & forever
tears turned to clouds
to rain upon me
in stranded desert of absence of you.

Let’s meet somewhere
under the crooning canopy
of silent loves
you bring your smile
… and I’ll bring my butterflies.

And she said..
“I think its time I let you go”
He remained silent
Then she knew
All she had written
Was true..
He had already let her go

If your heart’s
exploded with love
don’t waste time trying
to pick up the pieces
just be the big bang
evolving with
the universe.

Love me
Hate me
Love me
Kill me
Love me
Set fire on me
Love me
Save my ashes
And love me again…

 A collection of verse,
Read with a gentle cry,
Translucent words disperse;
Melodic for the eye.

Night is for
the privileged
believers in dreams
lovers of hope
… us

There’s something simmering
inside of me, something I’m
afraid to acknowledge, banging
on the doors of my heart~

When you came
& I let you go
Between a name was found in smiles
& washed away with tears;
angels whispered to me
“Everything’s for a reason”

Her heart
carried away
by a nascent
longing to relish
sonorous fantasy
amidst somnolent
song of languid reality.

Cries of thunder
Pierce my broken sky
The falling color
Of my dying sun
With whispered goodbyes…

Some nights I just want
To say good night
Without talking of
Moon & stars
Some nights
Let me not be words 

Each day she wakes
And barely has the strength
To carry on another day
But somehow, someway
She does…

“A tree is an endless poem,
 and the flirting wind
 wraps her arms
 around its branches
 to absorb every word.”

Breaths consumed
will be sending sparks to heart & mind altogether
that’s it’s her season
when his fragrance will be on her skin.

For you rakish
darling of night
My risk all yours
my identity, my life.

She wished upon a star
so many years ago
sitting on the front porch step
I don’t even remember
if she knew I was there…

 She kept stringing
Her tears
Which you read
As poem..

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Short Love Poems | Passionate Poems

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