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Team valor has taken my closest pokemon gym and this is unacceptable.


Ya’ll nigga’s out catching Pokémon on a Friday night neglecting your girl while she’s getting ready for a function to catch that STD lmaooo


Everywhere I walk at the beach everyone playing Pokemon go including me.


Random boy ; yells* “ayy girl wassup??”
Me; “boy bye I’m playing pokemon.”


I intended to make a pokemon go joke here but i like this one better.


Me: “what should we do tonight? It’s Friday.”
Bae: “play Pokemon Go”
HAH bitch, no wrong answer. Think again.


 Young Indians are visiting temples more frequently due to Pokemon Go 😉 !! Crazy !!

Whosever Job It Is To Build More Pokémon Go Servers Lives Matter > Blue Lives Matter. 

From Internet user !

hola wapa te vienes a buscar pokemon conmigo .


It’s 3 in the A.M. I’m drunk, eating pizza and watching Pokémon. life is great honestly.

Yo do you ever think about how many Pokemon the characters in The Walking Dead would be able to catch though.

El museo de Auschwitz prohíbe jugar al PokemonGo por respeto a las víctimas .

 I don’t go out in public to find Pokemon, I go out in public to find rocks.


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