Pokemon loves food and so do we !! Get ready to catch them all in style


Sometimes you need to man up and do what you committed to and sometimes you got to go pokemon hunting with your friends.


I need someone to understand my late night Pokemon frustration.


 Its too cold and too soon to go pokemon and shit..ill be back later…


When you transfer old pokemon for candy and forget the witty names you gave them




I may have missed out on loads of dan n phil content today but i caught a lapras so whos the real winner here .



I finally caught this lil angel I love u …


So the doctor said my ‘cold’ is actually PNEUMONIA lol good thing i’ve been resting and not playing pokemon go or anything *literal cough*

Still no Pokémon Go in India? that’s okay i can wait! haha ha ..
*cries for hours then beats self to death with pikachu plushie*

All these new people getting excited about Pokemon is great. Stuff like this is gonna blow their mind.

“Porygon!”, I shouted. A quarter of the office stood up and followed me outside to search.
 When you find a rare Pokemon but are out of pokeballs..
Guys if I stop playing Pokemon other people will pass my level and I can’t be the very best. Is this what competitive games are like?

Dear nintendo, please put super rare pokemon at polling places this november. !!

Pokemon Go isn’t even out for me yet and already I’m using Google Maps to find nearby graveyards. Gotta catch all the Haunters!


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