Since the Boom in Pokemon Go Reality Game , We have come up with some really interesting update about it. Here with some crazy images about pokemon go game and whatsapp Share status for Pokemon addict fans. This is really Insane idea of Gaming to next level.. So enjoy Gaming ! Pokemon GO !!!


Just because I don’t have Pokemon Go, doesn’t mean I don’t know about Pokemon or have never watched it.


How to kill an iphone battery in under a second… play Pokémon Go.

My homie said “I have to catch Pokemon during the week and catch them hoes on the weekends!

I got my dad and my little brother to play Pokemon Go. I am proud of myself


Never knew it was possible to run down Ingram street catching Pokemon

If you get injured while playing Pokemon GO cause you’re not paying attention and you blame the game, you’re a fucking idiot


Looks like the only way to get this Pikachu is in a battle with a rigged carnival game



I’m great! Was wanting to go find some Pokemon but it’s raining now

We had a break in class, and half the kids didn’t come back bc they’re outside catching Pokemon

Verizon is expensive but I gotta catch Pokemon.

Did I really just walk around my estate to find Pokémon



Just had a fierce catch ’em battle with a fully evolved Butter free in PokemonGo in the lobby at work. Why did I download this game?!

You will need to never show your face to me again because you are pathetic for writing me a note & I ate the Pokemon.

Even man at work are multi tasking to catch Pokemon

Catch Pokemon not feelings