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Hey Fans out there ! Hope you all had a great weekend this sept. Since Sept is known for good and special one, here with we have come up with some twisted love status for whatsapp. All these best love status for whatsapp are good for every mood and feelings to vibe into love.So enjoy this love dripped whatsapp status.

She really was beautiful when she smiled, and making her smile is what he was best at.


Send me a butterfly kiss just like a smile in the wind.

A girl who was like cotton candy & A boy who wanted to melt her with the tip of his tongue.

Never test someone’s patience for too long, you will fail!

The longer you live in the past, the less future you have to enjoy.

I have seen sunsets in so many different places, but nothing beats the time i saw it with you

There is nothing more beautiful than being in the arms of the one you love.

Life is much more manageable when you know how to tune out negative emotions.

Maybe I smile because of you. Maybe I smile because I’m insane. Maybe I just can’t tell the difference.

I don’t know what’s growing on me. You or my heart.

Let’s dare to take a glimpse of Heaven by sharing our taste of Sin.

I trust easily. Love easily. I believe that people are ultimately good. I believe in kindness. Loyalty. And shared laugh.

Its just the way you take me to a place no one else can..

I shut my eyes & listen to that whisper from my heart, it’s always your voice telling me where to go, directions to my favorite Dream…you!

I simply can’t quit you…your touch, your laugh, your smile is my drug, I’ll never get enough of what you do to me…I’ll always need more!

All I need to know is how you are, to be there no matter what…to find a way to kiss your worries away & if I can’t…sit & hold you tight!

He holds her hand like it’s something precious, sacred and to be valued as more than just a body part

People who love your emptiness and make you feel whole.

Love is how they inspire you to share your kindness with everyone you meet.

Everything in my life has a way better taste with you in it.

Our every experience plays a role in who we are.  In who we become.

Sunlight touches you from every angle but it still doesn’t see you the way i do

Even the notes i write to myself are made out “to whom it may concern”

Your eyes are really beautiful because they see the words I am writing you.

The fact that I ever made you smile is a seductive thought.

A girl whose soul is like the wind & A boy who only wanted to set her free.

The best people are the ones that are your kind of crazy.

You’re planted in my heart, growing wild inside…every drop of your voice, makes me lose my mind…with you, I don’t ever want to be found!

The safest place to sleep in is in your heart.

Days are just better when you walk through them with a mischievous smile…

More indelible than ink is the kiss that bleeds into your soul…

One smile from you, and how I fall in love with it, every night, again and again.

You can’t freeze moments in time but you can hold them in your heart forever

You are profoundly beautiful in so many ways..

How the silence of rains, soaks me in the want of your touch~

Love the one you’re with, with all you have,  or don’t be with them at all.

Happiness comes from not having to impress people who never asked for any other world than you..

That rare feeling..  The one you only get when they’re with you..

I dream to stare at your eyes, kiss your lips and feel every inch of your body.

When we feel our emotions instead of being consumed by them is when we can reflect on what’s going on and learn from it.

Life is too short not to kiss with the passion of a furious fire, every single time. To hold hands. To dance in the rain. To dream. To love.

To meet someone who’s in love with the beauty far beyond the surface of your skin

To be loved simply for who and what you are, that’s the best kind of love

A girl whose heart is a canvas & A boy who painted her with all the colors of his passion.

Let me inhale you, Savour the ache of your heart
Don’t push me away, coz I’d never give up
Once I chose you, & I’d do again ,even with your scars

Ready to crash into you…the Dream that started when we met & now happens every night…to visit you & fall asleep with a smile on my face!

If I could do just one thing…I’d steal away all your pain, never allow you to hurt again…make sure what you feel is only love…always!

I’ve tried so hard to find myself but all I find
is pieces of you…

I want to wrap in my whirlwind of love. I want to drench you in my flooding desires. Let’s become immersed, consumed within the storm of us.

Your soul is the melody that soothes my demons.

Sometimes I hide just so I can recognize and appreciate the people that know exactly where to find me.

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Love Status for Whatsapp | Best Love Status for Whatsapp

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