Hello Friends, Hope you had a great weekend! Today we are sharing some cute love poems for all our fans. These short poems are framed in vision of all expression to share on quick note with short and sweet. These tiny powerful packed short love poems will be idle for anyone to share and express love on whatsapp or any other medium.. Enjoy!!


you are all of my
in all of the life’s

Your words never
ceases to touch
my heart with
whispers of truth which
is as refreshing as the
Smell of blue pine on the

You never plant
trees whose leaves
are merely locks when
your mind becomes
a forbidden paradise
of independent


And in the silence
i suddenly understood
the many ways
a person can die
but still be alive…

You will never be able to smile,
unless you’re prepared to
lose the bitterness
that lurks deep
down in your
heart and


She walked straight into his heart
and made it her home
sweet home.

We hurt, silently.
In unspoken words.
Un played melodies.
In echoes of what we could have been.
In spaces in between real and a dream.

There are those that have been by your side all along; through darkness, through light, & every storm in between…

You can
Speak my mind
If you go in through my eyes.

Waiting on the edge of
Holding the key of silence…
Just passing through your mind…


I write my soul
Wild flowers
Feathers in the wind
Like Paper kites
Crimson skies
Palette of COLOR
Rainbow dreamer..

We miss the ones not here, &
ache for the ones we love that don’t love us back,
learning to embrace the void,
quietly crushing empty hearts

People will always throw stones in your path.
It depends on you what you make from it.
A “Wall of Difficulties”
A “Bridge of Success.”

She writes and connects
to her past memories
a hidden language…
Her stubborn heart
Can’t stop thinking
about you…


Once I’m with you…
It’s all about
Only You.

She thread the pieces
Of all her broken dreams
With ribbon blessed with hope
To stitch every piece of her back together again


The Rainbow
There’s nothing more to say
In addition to a dream
What else could it be!

Love hearing
My name in the
Timbre of your voice

The power of it
can convert dewdrops
Into shimmering diamonds

You must
carry a knife
in your soul
to stay on
the cutting
edge of


the feelings
are strong
but the
are few.

it’s the hands
that take life
too seriously
that tickle us
to no end.

They come back you know…
Strength; Resilience; Hope
You need only realize them once again.


I ain’t ready to lose U
which is important
so I keep the search on
behind words,feelings
tears or smiles
to live a hope
of finding U for me.

Sometimes i wake up
in the middle
of the night
and find
all over my bed.

All your sweetness
Does enclose
Everything you touch
Your beauty guards
My heart and soul
Pure & eternal
As heavens light
You are to me

I like best
The places I find you
Among the breaks of life
Almost hidden
But not quite
I’ll always wait
For you
In the spaces in between


When pieces of soul are
tattered broken torn
they purpose
to swim up
from the murky deep
to be freed
from lips of flesh

My words
Are an alphabet
Of a language
I yearn to grasp
A hope that exists
in a tomorrow
I cannot begin
(or choose)
to understand.

On each page
A story
Memory inked
Knowing it will fade..
We live through words
Knowing one day
Nothing will remain..


blurred thoughts
foggy vision
a hurting heart
allowed she them all
to fill her
for perish they would
within her
a woman so real

Of evening he walks
loneliness shares
each step
of his stride
In between
the bleak
and misunderstanding
in silent prayer
he strolls on by

See how the wind
finds its balance
Through the trees
No air of mystery
Falling leafs
Soul of a drifter…


Listen carefully..
There’s a conversation
Blowing in the wind
Shadow of the sun
passing by
…fallen leafs
Under foot
Autumns cradle

Portal to my dreams
Through his eyes..
We’ll open a door
Tomorrow remembers..
Passengers of time
Only our souls have the key..

Hold me like a special
Moment that never
Fades. So I may know,
How I live & breathe
Inside your very soul.

You are part of a master plan
Don’t fear the future
Because Tomorrow the Sun will rise
And will offer you peace.

Letting my words be the trace
as walking to where you had been
because that will only decide
where I’ll find you
to be with me.


World of words was complete
as it made you stay
when reality made me
begin writing the story
but Words what I had
to scribble the end.

Courage is what it takes
to stand up and speak.
But ….
Courage can also be what it
takes to sit down and listen.

Character is when you reach out
and help someone in dire need ….
when no one else will.

I write for I’ve so much love
Inside me
It can’t
Expressed with
Or contained in mere Silences

Within every breath
a whisper is heard
as your name
escapes from my heart


As she lay silently in the darkness
the only thing louder than her breathing
was her heart whispering his name

The best
piece of life’s
is your slice
of internal

Door of memories will nvr close
how mch we miss our Dears no 1 knws,Dys will pass like yrs
& we will rmembr,the memories in silnt tears

When a person can find
Sorrow behind your Smile
Words behind your Silence
Love behind your Anger
U can believe That person is ur true Frnd

Circled by uncertainty
Unable to smooth imperfections
Forever may not be written
We’ll love each other,every second


She’s Impossible
Impossible to ignore
impossible not to care for & adore
every morning he thinks
She’s Impossible..

Some people are lost, then there are
those that have no wish to be
found, those you leave
in solace and
until they find themselves.

You are my
laughter and
my hope !

It is better
To be whole
By yourself

Instead of being broken
With the wrong person

Character is measured by what you
do in a right vs wrong situation ….
when no one would ever know.

There are words
too beautiful to swallow.
They stay on the rim
of your tongue,
but your voice
cannot speak them.

Silence & how
It speaks to us
A connection
Which lead us
To the happiness


She carves her story
Under the moonlight..
Her own chaos
Her own madness
That’s what you read
In her words .

“I’m just another Alice who’s trying to find her way out
of her head and into a Wonderland.”

The first step
is to be the
witness of what
our stories are

The illusion of control, the promise of forever; none of it is real.
All we’ve got, is this moment.
Cherish it…

Walls and windows
Are as thin as bones
Anyone can walk
Right through them…

I won’t burn your type rope
Or ride a carriage to new mindfields
The click that detonates me
Is an affair thru poetry

I looked inside
and found a surprise.
The beautiful mechanism
of becoming me.

“She found beauty in the strangest places
in the broken and the forgotten
She knew the truest hearts were the ones
that resembled hers.”


Soldiers on a battlefield
guardians of time
you don’t have to die to tell your stories
I can hear them in the wind..

they do not know me
they only know who
they want me to be
that person who used to walk
the path they chose for me
but was never my own

Baptize me where the leaves go
to hide, where the sun goes to
float, where the sky goes to die.

The distance between
heaven and hell can
be measured in the
breaths we take alone

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