Morning Friends! Hope everyone enjoying our whatsapp status collection. As usual today we are sharing some status on love.

His sensual lips were forever sending shivers down her spine, never failing to ignite the fire in her soul.

I get sad. I get insecure. I get jealous. I get lonely. I overreact. I make mistakes. But I promise I will always give you my best.

Blessed are the Hearts that can bend,
They shall never be broken.

Dudes ! Women really are not all that hard to figure out. Either you are worth shaving for, or you are not ! . .

If we’re dating ill be you’re bestfriend, personal photographer, #1 fan , and always support you no matter what

I open snapchats right away, I don’t wait to reply to texts & I say what I mean bc if you still play games at our age you’re doing it wrong.

Those magical moments between them were etched in her soul eternally, never to be forgotten.

Ever felt like, as if, you’re living someone else’s horror story?

In the end, we ONLY remember the silence of our friends, not the words of our enemies . .

A Silent man is an intelligent man but a silent woman is usually confused about what to wear in tonight’s party!

Often the people who don’t initiate a conversation may have better instincts to understand your untold story.

When his attention diverted, you’ll feel like you’re in a darkroom developing negatives.

Its a balanced relationship. She agrees with me on issues like global warming etc . And I eat, drink, dress, talk, party, behave as she say

She is like an image in back view mirror of my car  ….She is closer than I can see.

Love isn’t that blind ! It can still differentiate between a BMW and a Toyota .

Men are weird . . . . . They say they are fine & they actually mean it !!

Let’s count the number of sunrises we have left with, so we can’t dare to miss any of them.

The incredible thing about heart is it never runs out of hope how so ever tiny it is, to keep you moving.


I’m nobody’s cup of tea. I’m more like a good glass of whiskey that burns your throat on the way down and warms your stomach.

One keeps ignoring immense love and
The other keeps ignoring biggest mistakes.
That’s what define Love in this era.

Emotions and feelings are used to make profit.
Don’t invest your feelings in anybody.
People here are businessmen.

No one will ever be able to make you feel loved unless you love yourself.

If everyone was happy in relationships then there wouldn’t be any good music.

There’s nothing better than a phone call from your loved one’s

No matter how hot you find someone, you’ll get used to their appearance faster than you like.

You know it’s okay to make me feel loved, too… right?
Showing affection, even via text, is perfectly allowed.
In case you didn’t know.

Behind everyone’s Favourite song,
There is an untold story.

The best hours of your day are when you are thinking idiot and behaving idiot. The mask of decency suffocates.

In a world full of options, lucky are you to be  someone’s never ending desire.

It’s hard to answer the question “what’s wrong” when nothings right..!

A perfect diamond
A stunning reflection
And a ray of sun
Piercing my own darkness
Taking the clouds away.

Those who can hear your silence are your true friends.

Remember that you are the main character of your story.

When the roots are deep,
there is no reason to fear the wind.