Hello Friends! Today we are coming with some best assorted short poems. These poems are truly inspirational poetry with few short love poems for her. Along with inspirational poems, we have collection of poems about life. So hope you all will enjoy and do spread the word by sharing with your loved one and friends. Share on whatsapp or make your whatsapp stauts



The tangle of her honeyed hair
draped across his chest
a hand idly stroking
the jumbled mass
a secret smile
upon his lips

Breathless with just
a touch, words flow
like a river from my heart..

He was
her morning light
the only shine
that could open
her eyes


Those occasions when I’m romantic
crawling up walls frantic
wondering if she’ll hear
and I’ll assuage her fear

The visions
I seek
the flesh
of my dreams
Grows beneath
the soils of lust
inside the seeds
that we sow

i’ll build us a wall
i’ll fence you all in
i’ll turn out the lights
i’ll bring darkness in

My heart went void
The Lord filled the emptiness
My soul, drenched in the holy spirit
My heart, thirst no longer

Listen to the voices
Hiding in the shadows
Souls of the departed
Dead before they started
To live as their souls intended.

These days are long & dark
The seasons change & my blood sings
But I must hide my static pull
Living a life that was never meant for me

Ice in my eyes blinds me
So cold
I freeze out friends & lovers
Waiting for someone warm enough to thaw me
That someone should be me


A stranger approaches
A foggy silhouette
Tongue flicking
Tasting his heartbeat
She appears out of shadow
Jaws cracking open

Silently they walk away
Out in the beyond
Dead birds and ghosts
Watch an ocean bleed its soul
They’ve seen where we come to die

I love the sound
of the pouring rain,
for the heavens
must open
to receive again

A garden bliss
when life
seems dark
to raise the spirit
to hit the mark..

A timeless
beauty, this
blossomed rose,
her scent
so sweet,
with love
It grows..


Waves wash away the edges
Sun drops
Cool air swirls
dancing around
her fingers & cheekbones
Down at the beach
sitting on the sand

We were born to bloom
Your watering can is unnecessary
We unfold
Not to please you
We flower for ourselves

A stranger approaches
my heart skips a frantic beat
not of fear
nor phantom cheer
thunder crack
a spark is born


Spell cast him out
Maketh me stranger
Curse thy soul
Wytch that approaches
comely in doom
Woe & betide
dress thou thy gloom

Picking at teeth
Eyes on the prize
Getting dimmer by the day
My body is not my own
And my mind left long ago

I love your mind
Your heart
Your shadows
And other parts
That fit
Perfectly to mine

Details vanished
Right into those walls
But sinners are upstairs
Behind the Devil’s curtain
Cold feet of ghosts yet to become


Shadows on the wind
Ghosts in the rain
Forever dreaming
Of the ocean
Blue skies
Cloudy again…

Night vision, The moon sits
Below one glowing star
A sight to behold
A memory to
In the
Ether’s of


“Ditch the attitude!”
Is what they said.
But it kept me going
When nothing else did.
Attitude is all I’ve got…

He’s a good heart
a good smile
and a bright light
too obvious to shine
that he blinds
as he quickly


Master me
beyond the love
that sleeps in
your eyes
and take my
music to another place
beyond lonely

A year
turned inside out
awash in uncertain
until a moment
where I turn the page
and find myself
reading a new story

My body reacts
when I think of you..
How you make me
tremble w/out
saying a word..
Longing for your touch..
Aching for your attention..

May the day be filled with strong coffee,
sweet words,
good songs,
warm blankets,
easy smiles and kept promises.

When his words
touch your heart
and you finally feel
once again


Our deepest unknowns..
laced together in a
endless dance of belief,
beauty, and belonging..

I don’t miss you
how could I
there’s never a moment
you’re not in my mind

She listens to the Bangles
looks good at
certain angles
her invisible touch

If my Life Was as long
As my arms And legs put
Together I would Be able
To unzip Eternity

You got the words
I have my pen
Lets rhyme the thought
& make a fame

Raureif überzieht
gläsern die zarten Gräser;


Je n’ai
De cesse
Que d’éprouver
Le poids
Du feu

Everything will be OK
Calm your soul
listen soothing rain
Let the shadows go

Simple words
light my day
and his voice
lights my heart

You my secret
desire my home
away from home
the place I escape
to be me

Nothing ever ends poetically.
It ends & we turn it into poetry.
All that blood was never once beautiful.
It was just red.

You look at your hands
When did they begin to look so old
And you smile
Knowing this feeling is not afforded to everyone


Songs drip from sweet lips
That help me drift off to sleep
Eyes closed I hope to expose
The secrets I was taught to keep

Feathers and blood
Sea and mud
Broken bones
A murder of crones
That’s what lies beneath her smile


It’s the heart that breaks,
for a tender soul,
Though their courage is deep,
It will take its toll

Will you dance with me,
under the moon & stars,
though our time is short,
it is time that’s ours

We fit together
hand in glove
for It’s takes our joy
but not our love..

Spices and salt in the air as the fire burns
These nights are sacred
They are ancient
We are all the same under the moon

Plant me a tree he said
And when I die
Cut it down
Build a fire
And warm your bones

My hands are cold and unreasonable
Working against me at every turn
Winter suits my mood well
But my body rebels


A heart like mine
doesn’t get over
a heart like yours