There’s no better way to being funny, it’s always handy to have a few one liners in your back pocket. Here are some Classic and trendy One Liners for you all. the most chilling entries & Great Jokes that Get viral and popular easily. So enjoy these funny One liners & puns one liners.


Who needs knife to kill, when WORDS are just working fine..

I believe in hate at first sight

Let me Live in Peace, Rest in Peace is secondary

My seeing eye dog doesn’t like your sunglasses.

Give me your divided attention so I know it’s real.

I like short romantic walks to the buffet table.

Every human is the architect of his own fortune.

I’ve always excelled at math, but I’ve still yet to find someone I can count on.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Inside every person you know there is a person you don’t know.

It’s choice not chance that determines your destiny.

Hear the Soliloquy of your heart ..

Maintain your dignity by not putting your nose in others business…

Someone should start a Bi-band and call it “two directions”.

I’ve lost some battles, and won some I never should have fought.

Her eyes could fuck you forever

Life is not a test or a competition.

If you think kids are a bit weird try counting your own imaginary friends.

Her beautiful face is the only reason of my love life ..

A heart can only be divided into so many pieces.


Without being right, I don’t usually talk much

Dude, she is your girlfriend. That doesn’t mean you control her life now.

This is the first time I’ve ever met someone as beautiful as you. I hope it’s the last

Bring me your finest drama, internet muse…

A will be man enough to say man I need to change

The cost of opportunity is always good to know

Dear world, Stop scratching at my peace.

Don’t be in a hurry. Let the universe meet you halfway

Decaf coffee is just coffee but without coffee.

You say potato. I say French fries.

To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy.

No matter your age, smelling your own fingers means you have been up to no good.

I’m pretty sure you are the reason they invented the block button.

You really think those multi-faced emojis can help you express your feelings?

Catches few Pokémon , writes avid traveler in my bio.

My dogs are stalking me

They say the tree lighting is magical, but I’m pretty sure it’s just electricity.

Oh, you “spiced up” your gluten-free lunch? With what? Tears?

Never trust someone who can refrain from eating their french fries while driving.

Loneliness changes you more than time.

It feels like heartbreak, but it’s only living.

We’re all strangers here and this is all temporary anyway.

Just keep moving, I’m handing out the wrong kind of inspiration.

Turning life upside down to see if some spare happiness comes out of its pockets.

Note to self: You’re an idiot.

Wish abs were made at Chick-fil-A

If anyone needs me, I’ll be more than a little surprised.

I’m so poor, can’t afford the golden rules, so i ask for silver or bronze rules.

I’m all for forgiveness as long as the other person doesn’t take it as approval.
I see your double-standards are exceeded only by your capacity for hypocrisy

My mouth does have a filter, it’s just dirty.

From now on, I’m using “Sources” as the response for where I hear anything.

Hell is having to listen to stranger’s conversations in public

I wish I was as thin as my patience.

she is beautiful and she loves to draw flowers and stars on her skin

and in a blink, a million memories flashed

People always leave, even if they promise a thousand times that they won’t!

You have God I have an imaginary friend

The fine art of reporting facts without opinion

Objects in your mind are far sexier than in real life.

Everyone has their own ideology of rectitude… Respect it..

Cheating with good person is like throwing diamond instead of picking up dust.

Kindness is often the first thing that I give others and deny myself of…

Unlock the hidden music within these hips.

“You stupid idiot” – me being nice to coworkers

You’re just as beautiful as the day I saw you on the milk carton.

Do not disturb she who is disturbed.

I hear “Lick it up” by Kiss everytime I visit your tl.

The truth may set you free, but first it will rip your heart out.

Listen. Question. Get convinced. Obey

Lying is the worst when it is to yourself.

Stop being mad at the most important people in your life.