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Say this over to yourself and let it seep into your consciousness and your awareness.
Your thoughts becoming things!

Accept that there are reason for things and in time all will be well.

Creativity means believing you have greatness.

Be a witness, not a judge. Focus on yourself, not on others.
Listen to your heart, not to the crowd.


I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already.
All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten.

There is nothing outside of yourself.
Look within, Everything you want is there- you are That.

Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, and face your future without fear.

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs:
the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it so.



True wealthy people are not obsessed with paper notes.
True wealthy people are conscious creators.

Stop waiting for approval.
Do what you want and live your life

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can.
And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can

You’ll feel gladdened and awakened as you invest time and energy in yourself.


Our minds are sources of unlimited potential.
A universal energy called the universal mind links all minds & thoughts together.

Anything you can imagine or desire is already structured in universal mind.

I believe in the creator and I am apart of the creators conscious.
A manifestation of creation.
I believe in me because I am it.

Care about your own progress. care about the people you surround yourself with.
Care about the food you put in your mouth. be present.

Never let a day pass without looking for the good, feeling the good within you, praising, appreciating, blessing, and being grateful.

Breathe in. breathe out.
Stop being crazy and worrying about things that you can’t control and just be happy in the moment bitch.

Believe in your infinite potential.
Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself


Be careful not to allow the noise around you interrupt the voice within you.

Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already knew.

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires,
but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively

“Follow your bliss”
These three words are the compass for your life;
they tell you what direction to point toward in every moment

Because you are always thinking, you are always creating.
What you think about most or focus on most is what will appear as your life.

Wake up with a mindset of wanting to personally develop.

It’s okay to let yourself be happy because you never know how fleeting that happiness might be.


We are here to serve others in all possible ways.
Our mind always need to be vigilant and ready to do good for others.

Our mind is a program.
Like all programs, our mind can be rewired.

We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Like the trees, you grow. Like the flowers, you open.
Like Nature herself, you simply are.
You exist, and you are the universe in ecstasy.

Synchronicity is an actual thing.
life is a puzzle where everything always just fits so perfectly. Look at the numbers.

Your angels guide, protect,
and love you through every dark moment,
and help you go find the Light again.


Pay attention to repeating numbers 👀 they all have messages for you from your angels!

If you ever feel as if you need some assistance, don’t forget that angels are here.

The universe is abundant.
There is enough for everyone plus some.
Nurture yourself & others now.
Create a new reality

Use your Divine willpower now.
Self-discipline is of the up-most importance.
Connect with others on the same path as you-Archangel Metatron

Trust your inner feelings, ideas, and visions,
as they’re God-given tools designed to lead you home in peace and happiness.

There is still lots of love in the world.
Keep your awareness here.


It’s okay to live a life that others don’t understand

Attracted to you cause you’re different

The universe speaks in numbers.
Pay attention to the patterns.

You are the creator in form.
Stay in the higher realms where you truly reside.

You have psychic abilities instilled in you because they are necessary for your holy mission.

Recognize the greatness which exists within you.
You have limitless potential and ability waiting to be developed.


You see, no one out there can really stop you.
Only the doubter within can.
Doubt your doubt and you’ll set yourself free.

The belief you have to go to certain places, nature, a trip, temple, monastery or be around conscious people to be present is the big lie.

You are a masterpiece of your life, express yourself freely and never stop shining

Never go a day without speaking positivity into your life

Today, embrace your desires.
Revive them if you haven’t thought about them for a while, and ask the angels to help you put them into action.

I fall, I rise.
I make mistakes.
I live, I learn.
I’ve been hurt, but I’m alive.
I’m human, I am not perfect, but I’m thankful.


There is a great power within you that is unlocked when you learn to silence your thoughts.

Love is a constant thing.
It is happening within you & around you at all times.
Never feel the need to go searching,
allow it to come to you

Your destiny is not tied to the person who left,
so if people walk away let them walk!

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing

A creative life is an amplified life

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

Call forth the seeds of greatness in others.
You never know how your words can impact someone!

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God is more than the whole world against you, and he has already won your battles.

Each breath you exhale sends your beautiful energy outward.

No matter what happens, just remember, life goes on.

Let the serenity of nature fill your soul with peace.

Stay high and never let them bring you down.