Hello friends! Love season is on the way with loads of new emotions and feelings. Among this valentine fever one day is very unique in its way which make it out of special of all is teddy day. This shows how we care about each other while gifting the cute and lovely teddy or plush toys to loved one. So here we are sharing some cute teddy images, teddy pics, whatsapp dp for teddy day along with teddy day status, teddy day messages, teddy status. Hope you will love and share with your friends and loved ones.

Teddy Whatsapp Status and Teddy day whatsapp DP collection



I miss my Teddy bear …feel like he never coming home 

I need to start sleeping alone oml. My teddy bear isn’t helping.

I can’t wait to get off and see my teddy even though we together all day 


I just wanna stay in cuddled up with my teddy bear but these chicks wanna go out.

Sleeping is nice because I use my teddy bear’s butt like a night mask

NOT getting rid of my teddy bear


Teddy bear, you were my teddy bear. You were comforting and quiet, how did love become so violent?

I just had the deepest conversation with my teddy bear


“I’m taking my teddy and heading to bed. Night!” 

If I ever shared a room I’d be like one of those nightmare roommates they’d just wake up to me dancing in the mirror and rapping to my teddy


I’m ready to get in my bed, cuddle up w/ my teddy bear ?? & watch some Netflix

This weather is made for cuddling ??! Dam guess my teddy bear is working ot tonight! Lol gn

Eighteen years old and I still go to bed with my teddy

My attachment to my teddy bear is at the same level as the attachment that Judi has with the voodoo daw. 


I love horrors but those doll horrors were horrible….the way i was scared of my teddy bear

I lost my teddy bear that I usually sleep with, can you be my teddy bear tonight and sleep with me

My Teddy Bear Sleeps Next To Me Every Night , Idc

When are you going to give me my teddy bear ?!!


Heading back to the bluff in the am ,can’t wait to cuddle with my teddy bears I know they miss me 

You are and will always be my teddy bear. I love you so much. Outta everybody I trust you with everything and tell you anything


G’night my love from here ???? The magnetic force I felt from hugging my teddy bear has calmed me down. I feel relaxed. I love u 

I can’t wait to see my teddy bear tho. I miss his chocolate ass.


I named my teddy bear benjamin franklin because i like old guys with money

He might be my teddy bear but he’s still a bear” that’s the cutest thing ever

He’s as cute as my teddy bear but not as cute as me


My teddy bear is my closest friend. It was there when I had to cry, when I had to punch something, when I felt happy, and when I felt lonely

There’s 2 things that I really care a lot for right now & it’s that pink sweater & my Teddy bear 

I feel blessed bcuz when i ask for a hug at some point subconsciously I realize I’ve picked up my teddy bear to hold.


I’m in need of a friend to talk to right now because of all the shit that happened today but I guess my teddy bear will do

I love when my girl is my boo, G4L, Daymaker, Shootah????, nd my Teddy Bear

I wanna cuddle so bad I’m cuddling with my teddy bear


At night i put my boyfriend’s hoodie on my teddy bear and cuddle it. is that weird?

I cuddle with my teddy bear every night like it’s my nigga.

This man is honestly like a big teddy bear but he’s my teddy bear and i want him to give me some damn attention.



Why do i feel like my only true friend is my teddy bear

Im trying to sleep but im used to hugging my teddy bear my arms feel empty im tearing uP


Just want some thick thighs to hold onto at night like they’re my teddy bear

It’s raining here, I don’t need more reasons to cuddle my teddy bear and think about my boy


I’m just on Whatsapp because I miss my teddy bear

I’ve literally never travelled without my teddy bear and i’ve never felt ok about it until now..

I lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you?