Being Crazy about the things you won’t apologize for? Here we have something for you all to express it freely. Coming up with some great statement which one should not apologize in a life. Short one liners , statements for social media. Express yourself ! Be You! Here it Goes 

Things i won’t Apologize For ….

Telling the truth here and pointing out the bullshit.

Saying ”NO” to things I don’t want.

Sticking up for myself, and not letting people say things about my friends or people I love

I will never apologize for being black
Black is a lifestyle not a colour

Being who I am and not caring about haters’ thoughts about me

Your Worth to me, is so much you pay everything,anything,All of it,For Them,Even your life is not off limits.

Being myself, knowing my worth and standing up for what I believe in are three of the

Not wanting to go somewhere, not wanting to do something, not wanting to talk

Being who I am and doing the things that make me happy

Standing for what I believe in which is equality for everyone

Staying divided and praying the deplorable lose everything in the next four years.

Fighting for what’s right instead of staying quiet so tht you can feel comfortable.

Speaking my mind and being honest, no matter the consequence.

Judging people based on the content of their character and not their status, appearance, or views.

Getting Mad At Friends For Not Pushing Toward Their Full Potentials And Being Complacent.

Knowing my worth and where i stand, not letting people walk all over me, loving myself even if i seem conceited

Things I do due to my inability to feel emotions.dd

Telling the truth.  Speaking My Story.  Loving my wife.  Doing a good job

When i have plans to go out but my depression acts up and i can’t go

Being true to myself is when I am true to others

 When you walk around a corner on the wrong side and run into me


Being scared or anxious for something. having anxiety is something no one should apologize for

Being true to myself and not getting influenced by those around me

Not knowing something yet. I can never learn what I don’t know!

I will NEVER apologize for being ME. You should apologize for asking me to be anything else.

Speaking my mind & being me!

Talking to dudes with gf’s they obviously don’t wanna be with. They ain’t married/engaged. its fair game.

Being me. Loving those that can’t love themselves. Crying at the movies. Dancing in the grocery store.

Telling the truth even if it makes closest people my enemies.