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Hello folks, hope you all are enjoying the our posts about love status and whatsapp status for love. Since its season for love and month of february, we are sharing some spiced up and love mingled and tongue twisters in english which will spice up you this love season. These types of tongue twisters will make you entertain and funny among all your friends. So have a look and enjoy and do share these craziest tongue twister over internet.




Why do we call it honeycomb and not madhushala ??

 Hey team, I am not able to play videos on my pc, please help
*No problem Sir, vlc to it*

A blouse is nothing but a crop top accepted by our society

Went to a hill station.
Wahan par mai apne ek dost shimla !!

Hrithik was playing marbles.
Sanjay dutt ne uska kancha cheena !!

bas kar pagley ab rulayegaa kya !!
one crocodile to other

Wanted to take her pic wid my cam
Par usne chehre kodak liya !!

Relationship should be like Chai-Biscuit.
Your individuality should be as important as your combination.

Jo kabhi mera password thi,
aaj usse baat karne k liye mere paas word nai hai.

There is a fine line between being a dulha and being a jaadugar…
choose your sherwani wisely

Hilaa ke so jaa !!
cradle to kid’s father

Sanjay got married to leela.
Unhone apni ek alag duniya bhansali !!


Srikrishna ne arjun ko jo baate batayi wo geeta ka saarthi !!

Everyone wants to be a “Bruce Wayne” but no one want to save his city.

Which idiot called it the ‘Smoking Room’ and not ‘Chamber of Cigarettes’ ?!!

Don’t take pregnant women seriously during delivery.
They are kidding

A kid was asking for something.
Par pehle samjh toy usse kya chahiye

मै तो इतना सिंगल हूँ कि मुझसे “अलार्म” भी set नही होती…!!

I get a lot of exercise by walking away after looking at price tags in clothes shops.


A surprise party would be an ultimate insult for a detective!

My doctor asked me about my sexual history,
I told him to talk to my hand!

Ajkal panv zameen pr nai padte mere!
– water at 100°c

Before you Perfume try this method,


Enna Sona kyu rab ne bnaya :-
Indian husband at jewellery shop

“HmmMa HmmMa HmmMa HmmMa.”
~ While talking to your Mom on Phone.

America ki cricket team hoti to
Chris Evans usse lead karta !!

I like the fact that Gandhi preached non-violence
with a danda in his hand.

Why did they name the movie as Baar Baar Dekho
and not GIF?

Smoke to make your lungs match your heart

” Any place near Manali we should visit ? ”
” I have no Kulu “

If Deepika Padukone Marries Vin Diesel,
She Will Become DVD after Marriage !!

There are two types of relationships:
1: Worth
2: Vyarth


Always use Jhaadu coz Vacuum Cleaner sucks

Jean Paul has a bulldog.
Uske kutte ki Duminy hai

If Mario was Indian,
his younger brother would be called Peetiyo.

After losing everything in d gamble ,
pandav apni jaan par khel gaye !!

Maine bahot koshish ki par
dhaaga sui me needle rha tha.

Chullu bhar paani me doob marr !!
~ one ant to other


Channa mereya mereya;
Channa mereya mereya
-A horse

This 👏is 👏 how 👏 I 👏 clean 👏 my 👏 hands 👏 after 👏 eating 👏 Sev.

“Humse Jo takraaega,choor choor ho jaaega”
– One motichoor ka laddoo to another

Life is unfair.
It takes one thing from a person and gives it to someone else.
Story of Eklavya and Hrithik Roshan.

Exam ke liye mai padhlu ye ho nahi sakta
us exam ke liye mera best friend padhle
ye mai hone nhi dungi!

Daadhi bnwane naai k pas gya pr waha beard bahot thi.

मेरा बस चलता तो मैं कभी ड्राइवर नहीं बनता
~ A driver

If Karan Johar opens a Coffee Stall in Kumbh Ka Mela
then you can have Coffee With Kumbhkaran.

Nowadays, the only place where I see people happy is ~Pictures

Computer told me,
Password not strong enough.
I added ‘adrak’ to it.

Friendship is, when I die and you still won’t delete my phone number.


If Hitler was a racer then his autobiography would have been called
~Mein Kmph.

Paratha has a very important roll in our lives

I have a joke on hard work ,
but you मेहनत like it …!

A horse died of starvation.
Usko koi ghaas nahi daalta tha

Went on a date with my bf..ordered a pizza.
I ate all the toppings n kpt the rest for him…
baby ko base pasand hai..

I just burned 1200 calories
(i forgot the pizza in the oven)

Police ne samay ko bohot baar jail mein daala.
Par samay kaise nikal jaata hai pata hi nahi.

A girl fell in Love with Kumbhkaran..
Now, she is sleeping with him.

Women have an inbuilt lie detector.
But it doesn’t work when you are praising them.


The CA of Leonardo is called Leonardo Da Munshi ….!

Uski yaad dalit ki tarah hai,
sabse pehle aati hai

Exam se pehle Bacche padhai karte hain.
Mard to sirf maa ka aashirwad le ke jaate hain.

Never came across an unmarried guy sending his parents to old-age home.

Mere pet pe laat mat maaro sahab !!
~ football

Aankh maare , o ladka aankh maare…
~ birds to arjun

a fancy word for utter wastage of food

Don’t know why ACP pradyumn keeps saying,
“Break d right door.” !!

Pehle chakravyuh hotey the ,
aajkal interview hotey hain !!!


Phata Poster,
Nikla ek aur Poster.
~ Public Walls

Kisi ki engagement tudwaate huye
aapko ceremony aati ??

That Bindi on her forehead is the
‘*’ sign of *Conditions Apply.

Crime must be a marwaari because crime never pays

His twin brother broke his specs.

Par uski maa ne judwaa diye !!



Craziest Tongue Twisters – Funny Indian Whatsapp Status

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