The most youthful kin in the Kardashian-Jenner tribe is presently anticipating. Two sources near the “thrilled” family disclose to CNN that Kylie Jenner, 20, is pregnant and due in February.

Kylie Jenner's New Boyfriend Travis

The cosmetics big shot and reality star has been involved with rapper Travis Scott since April. Jenner has had some training with kids. Not exclusively is she an auntie to sister Kim’s two youngsters, sister Kourtney’s three children and sibling Rob’s girl, however she frequently invested energy with rapper Tyga’s child when the match were dating.

Kylie Jenner's

The couple had a now and again relationship for quite a while. In January 2016, E! broadcast a scene of her family’s world show “Staying aware of the Kardashians” in which Kylie is seen with Tyga asking her parent Caitlin Jenner, “What do you feel like is a decent age to have children?” Caitlyn Jenner prompts that 30 is a decent age. “I feel like 30 is past the point of no return,” Kylie Jenner reacts. “Each clairvoyant said I’m just going to have two children.”

Kylie Jenner's New Boyfriend Travis

Jenner as of now stars without anyone else reality appear, “Life of Kylie.” The news spread quick and angrily on the web Friday. Sources have evidently likewise told the site Travis Scott has been getting the message out and even told companions they’re having a young lady together. Kylie and Travis presently can’t seem to remark on the theory.

Kylie Jenner's New Boyfriend Travis

We chose to recap on some of Travis Scott’s most extremely important occasions since Kylie is by all account not the only star in this child declaration – all things considered, it takes two to tango, isn’t that so. Very few individuals can state that they have dated Robyn Fenty, however Travis – genuine name Jacques Webster, Jr – can.

Their relationship was accounted for in September 2015, when the match discharged their two part harmony Woo from RiRi’s collection ANTI. Be that as it may, Travy declined to affirm their relationship, in spite of the hot pictures rising. In a meeting with Complex, he laughingly informed the correspondent who asked cleverly concerning the supposed sentiment to not ‘do [me] like that, man’.