Hello folks, Its fall season and we all have ove around. Some are sad moments some are happy moments. Many of us need a love emotion to share and express our love, which either we share via whatsapp status of love or one line statement for them over twitter or facebook. So just keeping that thought for fall season of whatsapp status love, here are some cool and tangy one liners for nigga, love birds, girls attitude. Hope you all will enjoy!!


A boy tells you.. a man shows you

You’re a queen.. my face makes the perfect throne

Do something good for somebody today and expect nothing in return

You gotta watch the ones that tell you they real a 100 times but never show you

One time, I was so sad I almost told you I was happy..

I would say I’m good, but I’m great.

I just wanted to see if our frequencies would match

Jealousy can make people say & do some crazy shit. it won’t get a response from me, i just keep finding reasons to make them jealous

Irony; the most priceless people are often undervalued

You can share my soul with me since you’re missing yours

A lot of people will smile at you to hide the jealousy.. move in silence.

Being sneaky says a lot about your character, I’m too straight up for the run arounds

If you ever slept on me, rejected me, or undervalued me, thank you. everytime I win, I remember you.

If you’re ungrateful then you ain’t great


My mind fucked but my heart good

The concept is simple.. I sense one wack vibe and you get cut off..

It’s easy to be patient when you know what you’re destined for

Everybody thinks they’re crazy until they meet crazy

You spend time and money to get to know who somebody really is.. that’s tuition

Funny how we find sanity in the craziest things

They can copy everything but not your energy

The eyes are meaningless if the mind is blind

“Take me for granted, don’t take me for stupid”

I love hard but I’m hard to love

Hype is the hare, talent is the tortoise

Dealing with the come ups and the come downs


It’s not the world that has hurt you… it’s your own expectations

I almost start caring until i realize how free i feel when i don’t give a fuck

There’s some people I wish I would’ve just admired from afar

I’ve always been the outcast. Maybe I like it that way now.

don’t apologize, I quite enjoy messy

the same person that taught me love, taught me heartbreak

I’ll either be the greatest thing that happened to you or your greatest regret.. no in betweens

when I know what I want, I’ll never settle for anything/anyone else.

we were dying just to make a living, until we came back and made a killin

I guess we all define friendship in different ways

I was your king but you will always be the ace in my card game

don’t blame your man/woman, blame your judge of character

some day, you won’t let me down.. just don’t hold me up