Loveholics !! Welcome to ,we are sharing today one of new collection of Short Love poems which are fully blend with emotions and new sense of love to share with your loved ones over whatsapp or facebook profiles as status. These Love short poems will make you more expressive and suitable for any teenage love or adult love feelings. Checkout these short love poems.


icy, the center of her heart
bleeding dreams
a witch, she
in shadows
haunting me

succumb i must
on all hallows

Compliment for her beauty
Everyone had…
The taste of it
Only he❤ has…

Whenever you want to sing,
sing through me
I’m ready to hear your most softest song…x

Ebb & flow
Tapping & creeking
Spiral of autumn leaves
Under your feet
Dying dreams
Come and solve this entropy

Any grief you impose
Onto her..
Is a debt
Surely to be repaid back..
To you
By another !!

We weave our own dreams
A maze to be lost
We wander & search
The brightest sky
Our own poems
Show us the path

Her shadow
Craddling near a thick forest
Leaning over a lavender plant
Stories spun out of her hauntings


Why is it.
That the more
I breathe
You in. The
More breathless
I become?

Hard rains flail the roof
our shouts at the skies
thunders in red~
pink white lightning cascade
blue electric the air
…drowning our cries

Her arriving..
I cannot see..
Still being taken aback..
By the familiar scent..
Of her radiant skin !!

Spread her
Treat her
Surprise her
Love her like a queen
Secure her
Cuddle her
Protect her
Brings alive her Dreams !!

Kiss me.
Until your lips
Are the only
Ones that
I shall ever know.

She blushes
because she knows
he can see her
beyond naked

Happiness lies
in loving rather
than being loved,
in giving rather
than receiving,
in serving rather
than being served

Kiss your art
speak with emotion
cast a spell
club with angels
trip on neon signs
uber love
in a la la land
of no and maybes

When i say i have a crush on
you, i mean i feel cataclysmic
collisions in the meeting of
our eyes.

Hold me tighter.
Until our hearts burn
And burst into the stars.


Breathe your name in
Whispers upon my skin
Like a warm restless
Wind in search of home.

Yearning in my dream,
Rainbow under my pillow..
Tiny little smiles and glint
In my eyes!

The nudity of love
raw and nearsighted
small hours
stretching time
fitting the comfortable
into a picture frame
of tomorrow

The season changed…
pale grasses
tangling in the fields
apples and woodsmoke
scenting the breeze
and memories of you

Not opening windows ..
Letting no fresh air in ..
Clinging on to her aroma..
Lingering here within !!

Beautiful is the man
Who knows the power
And control he has
Over your heart
But he takes his time
To show you he will
Always protect it ❤

Obsession flows
through the veins
A pulsating beat ascending
the longer tongues collide.
Lost in the lust
of this connection.

We can communicate
in a language of silence.
Wilted petals,scars
and stretch marks
hide all our most beautiful,
personal poems

She needed some one
to bring her back to life..
..but she always winds up
more wounded instead,
bleeding out deeper
than blood can shed…

I just want to be
some one’s everything..
..maybe, I’m just too much
for any one to hold.

rage hot pink, red cherry berries burst~silencing his pain
black hole, her scalding love
exist in shades of grey

faith and trust be damn


His eyes penetrating
Deep into my soul…
Looks through my eyes
Sees straight into my soul…

The magic of a friendship
allows us to share
happy feelings and painful
and express our thoughts without fear

I sat
chilled on the bench
the pregnant sky
waiting on my confession
said you were leaving
bribed the clouds
but it rained anyway

It’s that kind of
Sleepless night again,
When I wish I could
Turn all the stars
Into hurricanes and
Name them after you.

Walking through corridors
Named after her..
More pain , less love felt..
Naming life after her !!

Bring your ears
Close to my lips…
Let me whisper
The sweetest word
Of my dictionary…
Your name❤❤❤

I’ve endured the worst time of my life…
I Don’t need anyone…
If You are in my life…
It’s Because I value you and want you there…


The harder you try to hold onto
the object of your desire,
the more likely you are
to lose that very same thing.

No wrong in bending
For someone happiness but
Bending for own
Benefit is shame…

I see how you bloom
In the moonlight
Cool breeze shines
You a sweet fragrance
Sweep over my lips.

When it does get cold ..
I just burn some longings..
With her !!

I always get
Locked inside
My beautiful thinking
Which opens up
All beautiful words

Dance with me in the storm.
Until the rain becomes
Nothing more than just
Stars spinning through the night.

Butterscotch tresses
tempt whiskey smoke eyes
green apples pluck
for caramel nutty lace
crystal basin blue gaze
her ripe plump rosy lip face


It’s your touch, and
Your touch alone.
That has built empires
Inside of me.
Such beautiful worlds..

So I took just one
That was weaved
Into my hair
It was
The sword
That wrote my words
Wilted and withered
yesterday news..

I await your presence
Like the darkness
Does the stars.
My beautiful queen
Of the night.